The Day The Saucers Came

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Here is a wonderful poster created by Jouni Kopenen that illustrates Neil Gaiman’s poem “The Day the Saucers Came”. Check out the cool Flash version of this poster as well.

I love it. Found here, which was linked through this metafilter post. Go, go power hyperlinks!


I Kissed A Girl…

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Yup, your daily dose of Christian ridiculousness.



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Not to be all arty today, but here’s another neato thing that struck my fancy. A really cool twist on some old favorites…specifically when those old favorite cartoon characters bite the dust…splatter style.

My favorite:

For days I wish I was a better artist…

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I got some drawing skills, but certainly none as cool as this dad who makes custom lunchbag art for his kids every day.

For example, Red XIII:

Wow, that is cool.


Did you know…

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God prefers atheists?

Cracked me up.


Made me giggle

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This picture right here. Loved it.


Walt Disney’s Sin City

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Way, way too cool. Check out Sin City posters featuring Disney Princesses.


Phelps’ Gold Medal Spitz Take On “Sports Illustrated” Cover

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This cover is so atrocious it makes me sad. I understand now that he’s mirroring the Spitz cover (which gives me my oh-so-witty pun for the title of this post), but was that stupid-looking goofy-ass mega-smile really necessary?

Judge for yourself here.


2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

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2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony – The Big Picture – Boston.com

Absolutely incredible. Tonight’s broadcast on NBC I’m sure will catch the highlights well enough.


Martian Skies

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Martian Skies – The Big Picture – Boston.com

Some really incredible and awe-inspiring images from Mars.

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