Thursday, April 07, 2005

Make Mine Moxie

So for those who don’t follow my blog links over on the right, I’m a huge fan of The Moxie, an independent movie theater trying to get off the ground in Springfield, MO. I can say I’ve been following it for almost a year now(!) and it is the real deal. It’s ran by a hilarious and quirky guy named Dan with his wife Nicole. It’s been a long, fascinating journey to follow the Moxie’s development, from its inception (when it was still the Cinema 24 blog) to the name of the theater itself (I voted for Criterion Cinema, but yeah, the Moxie really is cooler). This type of interaction is where blogs just shine.

And now these guys need some help.

They’re auctioning off the naming rights of their Cinebar, where, and this is where the cool goes off the charts, you can buy beer and wine. Yes, Nicole came up with the name and they got their liquor license. How fucking cool would it be to watch Napoleon Dynamite with a big tasty brew? And with treats from local vendors? I know! It’s like some sort of fanboy fantasy come to life.

Now, what you can do: First, bid on the auction. They’re gunning for $10,000 (what they need to open). Second, if you don’t have that kind of cash (cheapskate), then notify your blogging friends. If you have a blog, talk about it. Get others talking about it. Only through good, positive buzz (you know, the kind a tall glass of ale provides) will this thing make it. It feels like a fanboy revolution! And that’s the best part: Through this completely promotional and selfless act and you’ll be rewarded by the two coolest people in Springfield (based on my Patented Coolometer) owning their own movie theater.

So get into action! I’m going to be emailing and contacting everyone I know to tell them to mention and talk about The Moxie. It’s time we as netizens (my balls ache at that term) did something good for once.

I mean, even Toby got 20 grand. We can do half that or more, can’t we? Surely a rabbit won’t beat a cinematic dream.

By the time I recognize this moment
This moment will be gone


Dan said...

Best. Post. Ever. Thanks Evan!

6:02 PM, April 07, 2005  

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